Author Topic: UBHank Band play Peter Gunn/Because They're Young Medley...great arrangement.  (Read 166 times)

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I posted the vids here, not the UBHank band.  You can find them listed on UBHANK U toob page.  If you ask them a question you can post the answer back here.

Here's what they told me about their guitars:

"The guitars we use are basically copies of the very expensive Fender Customshop Hank Marvin Signatures.
They were made to order by Dutch luthier Peer Dellen in The Hague. The wood is by Warmoth, pickups are Kinman Hank Marvins, bridge is Fender am std, and tuners are Sperzels. They were initialy priced (1998) at just under GBP 1.000 when the 'real deal' cost 5 times more."