Author Topic: BUDDY RICH CLARIFICATION!  (Read 138 times)

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« on: March 24, 2012, 02:38:12 pm »
Yesterday I enjoyed a PIZZA HUT lunch buffet with good friend & drummer Frank Everly & the topic turned to Buddy Rich.   Among other
things, I found out Frank met him on three separate occasions, the last time right before his death.   Buddy's ego & rudeness at times
was well documented throughout his career & tho he never tried to show up his counterparts in drum battles, it was clear he was to
with them.   

Frank did enlighten me to one fact tho- I wasn't aware Buddy ever played a double bass drum kit but according to Frank, the one time
he saw Buddy behind the larger kit, the man proceeded to play nothing but the two bass drums mixing both hands & feet.  "You have
to remember Tom he was in vaudeville & had learned how to tap dance at an early age so he simply incorporated that into his playing."   
Mind-boggling!   He was simply the best & didn't hestitate to tell you.
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