Author Topic: 2016 VENTURES INTERNATIONAL FEST TEASER!  (Read 55 times)

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« on: January 15, 2016, 12:21:02 am »
After last years fest in October, at the suggestion of Walt Stagner, I
declared the date for our '016 gathering 'right away' on our facebook
page, then immediately set up the '016 VERSION of the same.   Prior
years, this never happened 'til the new year was upon us. 

I also joined three other 'music related' facebook pages & set up 'the fest'
as an event there as well.   To this point early in the year, I already have
40+ individuals 'maybe or interested' in attending this October.   

With all this in mind & keepin' with the theme of lookin' for ways to increase
attendance, today, at the suggestion of good friend & fellow jammer Forrest
Kulwin, I put together, then uploaded to my YOUTUBE channel an '016 FEST
TEASER than runs approximately 18 minutes.   

It is available at- tab11balt11

I will also look to turn the video into a DVD should anyone want a copy of this
GEM!   For a nominal shipping & handling fee, I'd be more than happy to send
one along.   Details-

ENJOY!   It was a lot of fun workin' on this mini-project!   & if you happen to be
one of our 'regular jammers,' please post a review of past fests in the comments
section provided!

FEBRUARY 29th UPDATE:   I have since tidied up the original teaser, dropped one
song in favor of a 'crowd pleaser,' & changed the rhetoric in spots.   It's uploaded
to the same channel as '016 FEST TEASER ALTERNATE.   Don't forget to comment!
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