Author Topic: 2017 Ventures Fan Fest- UPDATE!!!  (Read 92 times)

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2017 Ventures Fan Fest- UPDATE!!!
« on: July 05, 2017, 03:19:57 pm »
We were 'excited' to learn that THE VENTURES 'summer kick-off'
gigs with THE SURFARIS on the west coast mid-June went off
'without a hitch,' generating large crowds of surf music lovers
determined to keep that 'genre' as viable today as it was in the

As most of you know, THE VENTURES are gettin' ready & will soon
be off to Japan for what constitutes their 55th anniversary sharing
their music with that country.   The lineup will again be Leon Taylor,
Bob & Ian Spalding & Gerry McGee.   

& now that they've netted a few US gigs, the hope upon 'the guys'
return is to 'tie-in' some East Coast concert dates with our annual
fest Saturday October 7th.   Yes, that's right- we're 'holding out hope
THE US VENTURES grace us with their presence at the fest this year.

& speaking about the fest, I've decided to bring back a Bob Spalding
idea from back in 2011 when Leon Taylor also attended the all day
gathering- the FIFTEEN + minute 'grand finale' of WIPE OUT!

That'll do it for now with 'updates!' 

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