Author Topic: FanFest 2013 VIDEOTOGRAPHER NEEDED!  (Read 176 times)

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« on: June 24, 2013, 12:05:20 pm »
Things seem to be progressing rather well towards
this year's October 'fan fest.'   But since last year's
event, I've lost my two 'main video guys' to other
commitments Sat. October 12th.   And while I can't
pay expenses to & from the event held here in CRUM
LYNNE, PA., whoever I select will gain admittance NO
CHARGE & that would include the Saturday AM kick-off
breakfast & the Sunday AM 'getaway' breakfast.   

I have chosen to 'undertake' the main taping responsibilities
so what I'd need is someone to handle interviews throughout
the day & other misc. footage such as the morning breakfast
sitdowns, the group photo session & the Q&A & memorabilia

In past years, we had several UF2 members who attended but
opted out of jamming.   That would seem to fit in perfectly with
my need.   To be able to 'splice in' to the finished 'jamming masters,'
thoughts & views from other attendies makes for a much more 'enjoyable

A similar post went up on UF2.   Contact me thru or
by phone at (610) 789-4894/ (610) 609-6953

Experience preferred but not necessary.   But remember if you're experienced,
you get to replace me & I get demoted!

Kindest regards, Tom B.
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