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1960 Fender Jazzmaster - refinished to original sunburst color
« on: September 02, 2018, 11:48:02 pm »
1960 Fender Jazzmaster For Sale: $5000 to fans on this forum.  I will be listing this at for $5500, but am offering it to Fans of The Ventures for $5000.  Price is firm and if it doesn't sell, I will hold onto it for some more years.

This guitar has been refinished and restored to its original color and state by master luthier, Dana Sutcliffe.
It plays and sounds like a NOS Jazzmaster!

I bought this from the original owner who purchased it in 1961.  He told me it was painted white when he bought it.  Apparently, the music store owner rented guitars at the time and probably had it repainted for some reason.  The original color was sunburst.

The bridge and nut were replaced with period correct parts.  The pick guard has warped over the years.  Dana was able to flatten it somewhat, but it reverted back to the warped state, although not as much as when I got it.  All original parts are included as well.

Not only are the pickups original…they were hand wound by Abigail Ybarra!  She signed her name as “Gail” underneath the pick guard.
Dana also used period correct DuPont paint for the finish.  I have receipts for all work done.

Comes with original case that is worn, but the real thing.  Also comes with original guitar cable, tremolo bar and a mid-sixties Jazzmaster hang tag (not the original that came with this guitar).
I bought this as a player’s guitar, not really for collecting.  It has had very minimal playing.  That being said, it is still a collector’s guitar that will definitely increase in value.

I have some major expenses and have decided to sell my guitar to someone who appreciates its tone, quality and value.

Link to pics on photobucket:

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