Author Topic: HAPPY THANKSGIVING!  (Read 91 times)

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« on: November 25, 2015, 10:05:33 pm »
As annual fan fest host & co-moderator of FANS OF...
& speaking on behalf of WALT, we'd like to wish ALL OUR
MEMBERS a safe & happy holiday weekend amongst family
& friends.   Let's face it, we're not just talkin' 'tummy satisfaction'
here.   We all have plenty to be thankful for.   

& as we get ready to enter December, we need to lean on THE
VENTURES three holiday contributions to keep our spirits on the
straight & narrow.   They'll be no waning whatsoever as we first
pop in the original Xmas LP on CD.   Remember at the time how
the 'clever intros' per holiday track had the industry saying "these
guys can do no wrong!"   Then ROCKIN' XMAS was released, which
essentially was re-recordings of the twelve tunes from the initial re-
lease plus a few newbies.   Loved the cover art on that.  They also
used it on their Christmas card to fans that year.   Lastly, XMAS JOY
expanded the variety of holiday titles while keeping intact the original
idea' with the intros.   

As 'the guys' prepare to enter their 56th year in music, two things stand
out IMO regarding their amazing 'staying power.'   Whether handling the
current musical phase at the time or holiday favorites, they never allowed
themselves to become 'stale' as a band.   Couple that with the fact that the
two founding members- Don Wilson & Bob Bogle never stepped on any toes
along the way!

Thumbs up to The Ventures as their musical legacy continues!
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