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Getting Started
« on: February 28, 2013, 10:40:12 am »
NokieMania – A Festival Honoring Nokie Edwards

In my interview with Art Greenhaw about his experiences playing and recording with Bob Bogle and Nokie Edwards, Art told me, “I believe the best thing we could all do is come together for an annual NOKIE EDWARDS APPRECIATION SOCIETY MEET & PLAY ... NOKIE STUDENTS/FANS OF THE WORLD, UNITE!!” Art’s idea is that we’d come together to celebrate Nokie Edwards and his music, play a lot, talk a lot, hang out and listen to some terrific music, and eat some great Texas food. Sounds wonderful. I said so.

Then he asked me to help. I couldn’t say no. Here’s what there is at this stage. Art has a venue in Mesquite, Texas, the McWhorter-Greenhaw Building. It has classroom space, a showroom for guitar displays and an auditorium that seats around 100 for performances. The area has an old downtown square atmosphere and there are cooperative motels in the immediate vicinity. And Art, who is a Grammy-winning recording artist and record producer, brings his considerable knowledge and talents to this project.

There are already East and West-Coast events celebrating The Ventures and Nokie Edwards. This isn’t intended to conflict with those in any way, but to add to the fun and bring some of it to the middle of the country.

NokieMania is the working name for now. There has been at least one previous NokieMania, but it sounds a lot better than “The Nokie Project”. And it’s short.

What needs to happen next is for some folks to help find ten to twelve friends and fans of Nokie Edwards who are willing and able to organize and put on this event. I don’t know the people who can do this, but some of those reading this do. Let the search begin!

If you’re interested in finding people to help, know some people who might, or even want to be part of this yourself, please let me know. Let me know if you just have an idea for something you want to share.

I can be reached directly at

Thank you.

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